OBU Marketing Students Assist Larry Gill Advisory in Online Branding & Tracking Analytics

Marketing students from Oklahoma Baptist University had the recent opportunity to work with Larry Gill Advisory and gain hands-on experience within the realms of digital marketing and marketing analytics. Larry Gill Advisory boasts the services of Larry Gill, a financial advisor under Sowell Management, with over 50 years of experience in the industry.

Students Zoe Charles and Laura Stewart formed a team, under the supervision of Dr. Daryl Green, to work with Gill and help him establish an online presence in order to create more awareness for his services. Alongside establishing an online presence, Charles and Stewart also provided multiple detailed analysis to guide Gill on how to better survey and stand-out from local competition. 

Working with Charles and Stewart has been Larry Gill Advisory’s first venture into the world of online marketing with Gill stating, “[p]rior to working with Laura and Zoe, I have done virtually no marketing.  Clients have come from referrals from existing clients and personal contacts.”

Gill also said of the team’s accomplishments, “Laura and Zoe have created a professional Facebook page that has received significant attention.  They have updated my LinkedIn presence and are creating a website for Larry Gill Advisory. Through their efforts, my practice has become more visible.”

Both Charles and Stewart were grateful for the opportunity with Stewart saying, “I am so thankful for the experience I have gained through this micro-internship. I have learned how to apply the marketing concepts [we have learned] in class to real-life scenarios. It has given me an opportunity to be creative and has shown me how much I enjoy helping people market their business!”

When it comes to utilizing marketing interns from Dr. Daryl Green’s students Mr. Gill said, “If you wish to work with dedicated, competent, goal-oriented students in an effort to assist them while they add value to your business and to your life, sign up.”


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