OBU Business Students Assist Local Organizations During COVID-19

Students of the Paul Dickinson College of Business of Oklahoma Baptist University assist local organizations to help cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Paul Dickinson College of Business of Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) has always demonstrated their commitment to helping businesses grow by offering marketing assistance to business owners around the globe. Dr. Daryl D. Green and his undergraduate students have again substantiated this claim as they continued research and class assignments even as the COVID-19 wreaked havoc on many businesses and their revenue.

Dr. Green and his current crop of OBU business students provided management and marketing consultation to 11 organizations in the Fall Semester despite the Covid-19 impact. Dr. Green, DSL, Business Professor, has used his class assignments to build a cadre of undergraduate students that can offer management and marketing assistance while operating remotely.

“We have been fortunate that over 80% of our courses were face-to-face while many universities went online. Given our micro internship pilot program, I was able to facilitate the partnering of our students with local businesses. Therefore, we were allowing our students to see the practical application of business theories to practical application,” said Dr. Green.

Three classes, MGMT 3213 (Leadership and Organizational Change), MGMT 3453 (Project Management), and MKTG 3323 (Marketing Analytics), were involved in the program, with over 30 students participating in the micro internship program.

Caption: Andre and Jessilyn Head work with the project management class on several deliverables.

Students in MGMT 3453 assisted The Coltrane Group in key project tasks. The group is a stakeholder in the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry and was run by the late Andre Head and Jessilyn Head, Founders. Jessilyn explained, “We are very thankful and appreciative of the work that was done by the students.”

Caption: Zoe Charles and Laura Stewart worked to build Financial Advisor Larry Gill’s online presence for his company.

Marketing students Zoe Charles and Laura Stewart also formed a team that worked with Larry Gill Advisory in Shawnee, Oklahoma, helping the firm establish an online presence to create more awareness for his services. “Working with Mr. Gill this semester has given me the opportunity to learn how to evaluate a company, help them make their marketing situation better, and give them direction for future success,” said Laura.

Dr. Green and his business students also developed a report to help big business owners, entrepreneurs, and SMEs achieve personal and business growth, especially in this trying time of COVID-19 pandemic and financial crisis.

For more information about this story and other projects from The Paul Dickinson College of Business, please visit – www.okbu.edu/business.

About Paul Dickinson College of Business

The Paul Dickinson College of Business is a part of the Oklahoma Baptist University. The Christian-based institution aims to meet the needs of individuals pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, providing the skills needed to achieve success in contemporary professional careers as a leader. The business degree programs of the Oklahoma Baptist University are accredited and acknowledged by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

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