Marketing Students at OBU Work with OCAST to Develop their Online Presence

In the fall of 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, two marketing students had the privilege of interning with the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Technology and Science (OCAST). OCAST is a government funded agency whose goal is to provide resources for entrepreneurial science and technology businesses in order to aid them in their early stages of innovation. These students worked on this project primarily with Amy Walton, the Director of Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives here in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Students Jackson Winn and Jarrett Ellis worked on developing the online presence of OCAST in order to raise more awareness of the goals of the company for the future. Their tasks consisted of developing new video logos, making sure all the social media platforms were consistent, and brainstorming ways that their online presence was modern and eye-catching. Some of the ways this was accomplished was through using clients on Fiverr and meeting weekly with Amy about potential ideas for the company. 

Jarrett mentioned that this project was a great experience because it helped him gain a completely different perspective on STEM businesses and the role they play in Oklahoma’s economy.

Caption:  Jarrett and Jackson work remotely with Amy.

Working with Amy at OCAST was a one of a kind experience that provided me with real world knowledge into the science and technology businesses of Oklahoma” 

Furthermore, Jackson mentioned that this micro-internship experience gave him real world marketing experience that he had never gained before. 

Through this internship, I have gained valuable knowledge of evaluating the online presence of a company and it was so great to be able to work with a client who has much experience in the business world

To learn more about OCAST and the mission of the company, visit Additionally, to learn more about the College of Business at OBU, visit

To learn more about this pilot program or to participate as a business partner or mentor get in touch with Dr. Daryl D. Green at or 405-585-4414.

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