Non-Profit Beats Covid Setbacks

Students Get Real Marketing Exposure Through OBU Class

Oklahoma Baptist University students Jocelyn Martinez and Emily Wilmoth worked with Legacy Parenting Center, a non-profit organization in the community, as a part of their marketing analytics class. They helped the company further their understanding of analytics, increase marketing tactics, and ultimately aided in overcoming challenges presented by COVID-19. 

Dr. Daryl Green, Associate Professor of Business and Dickinson Chair of Business, created a way to allow students to gain real world experience while implementing material learned inside the classroom. These micro-internships Dr. Green explains, “In most universities, there is a huge gap between employers’ expectations and college students’ expectations about employment.  Most businesses put a premium on work experience.  Yet, universities do not stress this fact enough in my humble opinion.  Through the micro internships, we provide our OBU students with practical work experience while allowing them to assist an organization with a business problem. During this process, students are building their skill set rights during class time.  Even during Covid-19, our business students have been able to achieve results for business clients in these micro internships.”

Martinez and Wilmoth paired with Legacy Parenting center, which has a mission of “building stronger, healthier families through education, resources, and mentoring.” They successfully help impact people by providing information and resources while embodying their mission. They continued to do this throughout the pandemic, even if it had to be remote for some time.

The students worked with Lacey Holt, executive director of Legacy Parenting Center, to provide marketing research, social media content, and interpretation of marketing analytics. They spent time reviewing the company’s website and social media pages in order to help the company improve their content and reach more people. The staff was able to gain a better understanding of analytics and what to do with the data provided. The students continued to follow website and social media traffic that will ultimately give the company a better grasp on where to go moving forward.

“What we focused on first was helping them optimize their webpage. We then focused on their marketing and helped them better understand how analytics play a huge role. We explained that they should look at data to know what is working, what’s not, and most importantly, what needs to be changed,” Martinez said, reflecting on her experience. “Also, I enjoyed working with LPC so much because we constantly saw the impact they made on the community, it made our small contribution feel rewarding and valued.”

“Working with Legacy this semester has been a great experience,” explained Wilmoth. “It is vital that they understand how their content and marketing affects their company. We have been able to help them with this, as well as give them insight into how they can extend their reach to more people. They provide resources for many people in the community and it makes me feel good to know that our efforts may help more potential clients find the company and receive the assistance they need.”

To learn more about this pilot program or to participate as a business partner or mentor get in touch with Dr. Daryl D. Green at or 405-585-4414.

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