Do You Know What the Future Holds? 2017 & Beyond


We have reason to worry and be anxious about 2017. The United States citizens have just gone through one of the most bitter presidential elections of modern times. In fact, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump had the highest unfavorable ratings in history. Most people were not discussing the candidate with the best vision, but ‘choosing the lesser of two evils.’

With Donald Trump taking the office of president as a Republican and both a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives, there is still much uncertainty due to Trump’s fuzzy economic strategy and the will of elected officials to get things accomplished despite partisan politics.[1] The world is filled with risk and danger. Terrorism continues to ‘shock and awe’ at the destruction aimed at human life. Globalization combines countries together against their will.

Russian hackers attempt to influence our presidential elections. The dollar hits a 14-year high against 16 major trading partners; a sharp increase in the dollar has long-term consequences globally. For example, China fears that a rising dollar will destabilize their currency. Other countries worry about their own economic feat in 2017. Do you know what the future holds in 2017 for you? Are you now dreading the upcoming year with more demands on your own personal dreams and ambitions?

Sadly, New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Most people lack the mental toughness to overcome the obstacles they face in order to prevent them from successfully achieving their resolution. According to a’s 2016 study, many people may set out to achieve their New Year’s resolution. Most folks start out by maintaining their resolution through the fifth week (75%).

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Yet, the pressures of life and other factors cause most to quit within six months, except the most dedicated (46%). However, only 45% of Americans achieve their resolutions. Thirty-nine percent of these people in their 20’s achieve their resolution, while only 14% of individuals over the age of 50 achieve their resolutions. Something has to change if we want a different outcome.

Despite the doom and gloom of TV pundits, having a clear direction and plan for the year can increase your chances of success this year. Yet, no plan will be truly successful with positivism in your thinking. Believing that 2017 will be better than the previous years gives that individual a sense of hope. Hope is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” When things don’t look good on the surface, hope is still there. Hope is invaluable for making New Year’s resolution come true in spite of obstacles.

Writer Viktor Frankl wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, chronicling his life experience as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp in World War II. Frankl found hope in his tragic situation: “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. Everything can be taken from a man, but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

When what you set out to do with your plan doesn’t work, you need to have the mental toughness to continue. Thus, we hope and we expect better things to materialize because we have the right type of thinking also with a written plan for implementation. Thus, individuals should not go into this year without hope. The following personal strategies are provided for the New Year:

  1. Build hope and optimism into your strategy. (see examples of personal development seminars)
  2. Evaluate your current situation at work and home. Are you moving forward or just standing still?
  3. Write down your goals and track them for the year.
  4. Consider how to improve your individual condition with self-learning, trade/professional certificates, and newer job strategy approaches.
  5. Seek out mentors who can assist you with your personal goals.
  6. Grow your spiritual well-being as part of your holistic health for a living.
  7. Get rid of unnecessary stress in your life and negative people.
  8. Surround yourself with a positive network of individuals.

The year 2017 and beyond are full of a lot of uncertainty. The upcoming years promise plenty of unforeseen occurrences such as layoffs, terrorist acts, financial crises, or threats of war. I’ve  demonstrated how individuals should consider approaching the New Year and provided considerate strategies.

At the center of these strategies is hope. Pastor Richard S. Brown, pastor of the Payne Avenue Baptist Church (Tennessee), stated this reality best: “I do not know what the future hold. However, I know who holds the future.” Individuals who are well prepared for the New Year have a better chance of success. Having the right state of mind is invaluable. Your attitude will greatly impact your success this year. Don’t take it lightly.

Please discuss how environmental drivers (like culture and economics) influence how individuals view the future. 

© 2016 by Daryl D. Green

[1]“Outlook 2017: Growth resilience and receding central bank support” by



44 thoughts on “Do You Know What the Future Holds? 2017 & Beyond

  1. This is a fitting topic as today President Obama gave his farewell address and tomorrow Donald Trump will take office. As Dr. Green stated above, “there is still much uncertainty due to Trump’s fuzzy economic strategy” (Green, 2016). During the polarized presidential debates, Trump stated that the Obama-Clinton policies “produced 1.2% growth, the weakest so-called recovery since the Great Depression, and a doubling of the national debt.” (Bump, Phillips, & Borchers, 2016). Though this may inspire fear in many individuals, it is interesting to note that “The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international group that tracks global growth, said Thursday that the United States is making one of the strongest comebacks in the developed world.” (Geewax, 2016).

    Despite the fear mongering culture of mainstream media, I have decided that my focus for 2017 will be intentional living. Striving to be intentional in how I spend my time and with whom; using intentionality to achieve spiritual, personal, and professional growth. As a result, my husband and I are opening a ministry based coffee shop and are optimistic that the intentionality we have poured into the development of our vision will lead to a sustainable business model. Following Porter’s Generic Strategies, we will focus on our local community and use differentiation to create a business that excels in both excellent coffee and creating a space for authentic relational ministry that the community is currently lacking (Keller, 2012). In spite of the impending changes, it is our hope that, as Disciples of Christ, we will all join together this year in a spirit of grace and peace.

    [WC – 266]


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    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your considerate response!

      I would like to expand on your thoughts: “Despite the fear mongering culture of mainstream media, I have decided that my focus for 2017 will be intentional living. Striving to be intentional in how I spend my time and with whom; using intentionality to achieve spiritual, personal, and professional growth.”

      I firmly agree! I believe your attitude dictates your aptitude. We need hope instead of pessimism.

      Frankl (1946) argued this point while being a Jewish prisoner in a Nazi camp: “As the inner life of the prisoner tended to become more intense, he also experienced the beauty of art and nature as never before. Under their influence he sometimes even forgot his own frightful circumstances.”

      Living an intentional life will get you to this point!


      What does it mean to life a ‘intentional life?”

      Professor Green

      Frankl, V. Man’s search for meaning. New York, NY: Washington Square Press

      [WC – 157]

      • For us, intentional living means identifying the why behind what we do. While habit forming can be a useful tool in forming daily routines in our lives, it can be detrimental if done without intentionality. This year we want to prioritize discipleship and relationships over immediate gratification and convenience. As The Minimalists (2016) say in their podcast on relationships, ‘love people and use things, because the opposite never works.’

        Milburn, J. F., & Nicodemus, R. (Hosts). (2016, February 11). Relationships [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from:

      • To live intentionally is to live life with a purpose, so whatever you do, do it for a reason not just for a reaction. The only way to live with a reason, is to live according to God’s will, as He has already determined your fate. We must develop a strong foundation in Him by staying aligned with His principles to ensure we are living intentionally.

  2. The environment around us shapes our daily lives and how we will come to view the future. Family background, socioeconomic status, and cultural values are part of the many drivers that come together to form our vision of the future. According to the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households Report (2016) family income levels influence what people determine to be future financial challenges. For example, those who make over $100,000 dollars per year are more concerned about retirement and education, while those who make less than $40,000 dollars per year are concerned with shorter term goals. One could interpret from this information that the vision of the future for those of greater socioeconomic means would be more positive and optimistic than that of those that make substantially less.
    As Dr. Green points out, there are many changes in progress in American politics and with those changes comes uncertainty. Regardless of political affiliation this election has changed the way that people will view the future of politics and life in America. Despite all of the unknowns, this election has also given people the drive to enact change and maybe more importantly the hope for a better tomorrow.
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    • Hello Coy, thanks for your considerate observations!
      Indeed! People from different social classes may have a different view of the future based on their financial situation. I am sure there are more demographic factors to consider.

      Let’s march ahead!
      Professor Green

    • Coy, the perspective you have added exemplifies Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. (Kotler & Keller, 2012) Those earning less than $40,000 per year are likely to be primarily focused on the physiological and safety needs over self-actualization development. “It’s staggering to think that almost half of Americans (many defined as middle class) cannot afford to set aside the money required to achieve what’s being called financial wellness.” (Gulker, 2016)

      Whichever category we may fall in, we can use the beginning of the new year as a reminder to evaluate what is important in the short and long term.


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  3. Cultural influences play a major role in how individuals view the future. This article touches on deeper issues than what first meets the eye. Where a person stands on their view of the future is a conviction of character. In Philippians 4:6 (English Standard Version), it says “do not be anxious about anything.” God’s word juxtaposed to American media culture, which thrives on fearmongering and drama, showcases a deep divide. Social media has advanced this by removing the gatekeeper in reporting what was once considered to be objective news. Anyone can now be a journalist. Facebook is one such cultural influencer that paints itself as a platform for connecting with friends and family. A report surfaced in the spring of 2016 by Gizmodo that indicates Facebook workers intentionally manipulated trending news to inhibit conservative based stories from appearing (Nunez, 2016). There are many cultural agendas that seek to influence how you view what will happen in 2017 and beyond. However, as Dr. Green points out surrounding yourself with a network of positive people and growing spiritually will help to cultivate hope for the future, (Green, 2016).


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    • Hi Enjoli,

      Thanks for your inspiring commentary! Yes, the Internet…and social media provides individuals with a lot of freedom to share culture. In fact, individuals now have the ability to influence facts (aka Fake News). How does the ability to reshape fact and news influence our views on the future?
      Professor Green

      • Reshaping facts, or even selective framing of facts, makes it more difficult in many ways to understand the truth. The truth can be accurate from both sides with a skew created simply through that selective framing. We have so many outlets to receive news from that information on current events is often easy to obtain. Fake news, often more so than real news, influences consumers of that information and shapes the future. I’ve found that it’s a great habit to always consider the source. By that I mean that if we take the time to consider the source of the information, we’re often able to piece together the agenda/intent of that source. As in, why would it benefit said source to distribute a particular message. The omission of some facts, while publishing others, reshapes the truth in a way that makes deciphering the full picture difficult.

    • Given the power of those with influence in both traditional and social media, are there ways that individuals can seek to maintain true objectivity? Fox (2016) lists a number of independent news sources that may offer alternatives to the mainstream media, but even these sources will have some inherent bias given each individual author. Perhaps the answer is to intentionally select a number of sources from which to receive your news, sources from around the globe that provide different viewpoints.

      Has anyone had any success in being selective about what social influences they allow to impact their worldview?

      Fox, G. (2016, November 30). 10+ Independent Online News Sources and Why America Needs More of Them. Retrieved from:http so://

      [WC – 97]

  4. What the future holds should not cause worry when we are believers in Christ. Worrying will eventually lead to stress and health issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and many others. As the Bible states in John 16:33 New International Version, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (BibleGateway, 2011). Therefore, we will face trials such as terrorism, fear of financial instability and uncertainties of the incoming political regime, but we must not let that consume our heart and dictate how we live.
    Instead, we must hold firm to His unchanging hand, as it is unwavering in this ever changing world. As the world portrays out what the Bible has stated throughout Scripture, we must understand why we are here—to be fruitful and multiply. By being fruitful we must be willing to make disciples amongst one another, which will impact spiritual growth, and continue to produce Christlike individuals. There is no need to consume our spirit with negativity throughout society, because Christ has given us specific instructions. At the end of the day, my focus in 2017 is to find the good amongst the bad by not dwelling on negativity, but being optimistic as I move forward in the future.

    BibleGateway. (2011). Holy bible: New international version. Retrieved January 11, 2017, from BibleGateway:

    • Hello David,

      Thanks so much for this inspiring review: “Instead, we must hold firm to His unchanging hand, as it is unwavering in this ever changing world.”

      Some marketers utilize fear and anxiousness to compel buyers to purchase.
      Remember Y2K? Yes, we (my wife and I) purchased a share of bottle water and canned goods in preparation for the Year 2000. What about you?

      Is it ethical for marketing professionals to use emotional drivers like fear for profitability?

      Professor Green

      • I would say it is not ethical to instill fear for profit, but I sympathize with their tactic. Fear is an extreme emotion and can be fairly easy to influence an inexperienced audience. Unfortunately, I have fallen into this category along with millions of others from incorrect weather forecasts to inaccurate stock market predictions. The last time I was nearly duped was during Election Night of 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President, the futures of the Dow Jones on the stock market plunged over 800 points and subsequently halted. That night I was in a whirlwind, considering changes to my investments and my financial strategies for the next four years, but low and behold that Wednesday the stock market actually stabilized and for the last couple months it is nearly reaching record highs. To cope with my emotions when fear is present, I reflect on the past on what God has brought me through to make prudent decisions, so I do not act on emotions.

    • Hi David,
      I really like your post. It is very motivating. There is always exterior factors which interrupts our plan. This is why I support contingency approach more. Instead of complaining, we must tackle the problem and move forward towards our goal. We should place our goal high which motivates us to work hard but, we should not expect high. We will receive as much as we have worked hard for, nothing more nothing less. We must always learn to adopt, improvise and overcome. This is the main motto of my life.

      Simon B. Mathema

  5. In a macro viewpoint and long-term range, a new president will bring a new life to the old system, especially Donald Trump who wins the presidency in 2016. He proposes a new tax reform, which substantially reduces the corporate and individual marginal tax rate. According to Tax Policy Center, this plan will reduce the federal revenue of $9.5 trillion for the first decade (Nunns, Burman, Rohaly, & Rosenberg, 2016, p. 2). This deficit will affect the social wealth fair since the money run from the federal tax income to the upper-income people’s pocket (Ydstie, 2016).

    In the micro viewpoint and short-term range, although there are many uncertainties in the near future, the new president makes a minimum impact on everybody’s life. You can’t lose a job because of a new president, the new tax plan also giving a minimum effect on middle-income people who having 25% tax rate now. The market will adjust itself to the new policy very quickly, everything will go back its’ position. Historically, the gas price in the US got a highest record in the history of July 2012 (Hargreaves, 2012); However, only after 2 years, the gas price drops almost a haft.

    [WC: 197]


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    • Hello Matthew,

      Thanks for sharing the macro and micro viewpoint related to this topic!

      You opened up a new line of thinking for me about the new president.


      How can the personal brand of a new president impact voters outlook of the future? Can you give me an example of a president besides Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, or Kennedy?

      Let’s go deeper.

      Professor Green

  6. Being ready for 2017 wont be easy. Multiple changes and personal new commitments could be on the 2017 agenda. Personal resolutions usually fall short because people put them in vague resolution like lose weight, get rich, find a new job or eat better. However to be able to change behaviors in people lives, the best way to do it is specific planning for each goal and plan those in a way to be able to measure. As Larson says it on his article Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Like A Boss In 2017: The Decision-Driven Secret. “Decisions Happen, Resolutions And Goals Don’t” The idea is that if people make resolutions more specific and measurable then they will be more likely to archive them. Being available to follow a consistent decision making checklist will people more likely of hit their goals for the year to come.

    Larson, E. (2017, January 05). Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Like A Boss In 2017: The Decision-Driven Secret. Retrieved January 11, 2017, from


    • Hi Javier,

      I do agree with the way you have framed your thoughts about the falling of the personal resolutions in our lives when they are aimed to the material part only. Look better, get better cash flows and etc., this list of things is endless and, unfortunately, it leads towards to the lowly place…

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s also no different than a company without clear, tactical goals to accomplish its company strategy. Without clearly defined and measured actionable steps, a vague goal/resolution is unlikely to be accomplished. I’d go as far as to say that the principle that keeps people from achieving their new year’s resolutions, also keeps them from happiness/reaching the “dreams” they have for their life. Dreamers have vague ideas of what they’d like to happen. Successful people have tactical steps within their larger goal that allows them to achieve those goals. As with the swim coaching that you do, swimmers don’t wake up as Olympic swimmers by chance. They get there via smaller milestones that they meet their measurable goals. As each milestones is hit, the larger goal appears closer in view.

    • Hello Javier,

      Thanks for your fresh look on the topic with digging down into the process of new year’s resolution!

      How important is writing the goals down and tracking results for success?

      Professor Green

      • Dr. Green,
        The first and most important reason to write goals down is the commitment that represents. As Hyatt says in his article “5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing” When you write down and track the progress of your goals it is more likely to succeed. The research cited on this article found that people are 42 percent more likely to achieve their goals just by writing them down. Some of the main reason it is important to write them down are: Because it will force people to clarify what they want. It will motivate people to take action. Additionally tracking the progress of the goals will enable people to see and celebrate their progress.

        Hyatt, M. (n.d.). 5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing. Retrieved January 14, 2017, from

    • Hello Javier,

      I agree with your post. Whenever there is a goal, it should meet the requirements as S.M.A.R.T. It should be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time based. Once we set the goal, we must evaluate our progress in specific period of time. We must provide a feedback of the progress and work according to it. This will help us to obtain our target within the specific period of time.

      Simon B. Mathema

  7. Future is always uncertain. We cannot be certain but, we can always predict it with the help of past and the present scenario. We might not be able to attain what we aim for but we definitely will move close towards it. Many people fail to meet their new year’s resolution. There are many reasons behind it. Some of them are lack of dedication, hard work, improper strategic planning and many distractions. These are the basic factors to acquire any kind of goal. We must work hard without worrying about the results. If we succeed, then it is good. If we don’t, then our input is not enough.
    What would the future hold? This is the same question we asked yesterday about today and today for tomorrow. As I say,” Today is the tomorrow which we worried about yesterday.” Instead of worrying about the tomorrow, we must try to do something, which will shape tomorrow better. In the end of 2015, we wondered the same thing about 2016. It could have been much worse but, it turned out good.
    Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good, whatever will happen will be good.
    WC- 194
    Keller, P. K. (2012). Marketing Management (14 ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
    Green, D. D. (2016, December 26). Do You Know What the Future Holds? 2017 & Beyond. Retrieved from
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    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks so much for your insight! There is so much there:

      “What would the future hold? This is the same question we asked yesterday about today and today for tomorrow. As I say,” Today is the tomorrow which we worried about yesterday.” Instead of worrying about the tomorrow, we must try to do something, which will shape tomorrow better. In the end of 2015, we wondered the same thing about 2016. It could have been much worse but, it turned out good. Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good, whatever will happen will be good.”

      You are correct. We (as in people) generally worry about the same things each year. In fact, the media reports on the same issues each year.

      Let’s go deeper!

      Professor Green

  8. Unclear future
    On Wednesday Donald Trump said that there are 96 million people seeking jobs in USA, but they did not find jobs. How young people will think about the future? The article mentioned that there are more into to the story than that. There would people like staying home moms, students, disables, and retired (Teresa, 2017). World bank says there would be growth in global economy by 2.7 in 2017. By the forecasting, they have done there will be slightly growth more 1.8. It is slow, but still it is better than 2016 (Andrew, 2017).
    In Our textbook, says “Good Marketing is no accident” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, p 3). People will suffer and it will be difficult for them see the future with two opposite ways never work together. We cannot be optimistic and pessimistic about the future. When we think of two opposite things all the time, we confuse ourselves. Then it will be difficult to find the way again. Preparing for the future and being optimistic about it is the best way to face it. People are the future. They create it the way they see it and the way they treat it. People are free to choose they are not forced. We forced ourselves by the choices we make.

    [WC – 204]

    Teresa Tritch. (2017). Donald Trump’s Bogus Jobs Number Retrieved:

    Andrew Walker. (2017). World Bank predicts 2.7% global economic growth in 2017

    • Hello Abdul,

      Thanks for the discussion and the research listed below!

      I want to expand on your point: “People will suffer and it will be difficult for them see the future with two opposite ways never work together. We cannot be optimistic and pessimistic about the future. When we think of two opposite things all the time, we confuse ourselves.”

      Marketing involves communicating purposeful messages to buyers. When you have different buyers with varying backgrounds and needs, the marketing messages get blurred.

      Thus, marketing is not a cookie cutter process.
      Professor Green

    • I totally agree with you. The unemployment rate in the US is high. But the reason for it is not solidly due to the economic downturn.

      When the BA degree becomes a fashion and young people think it is a must after they get out of high school. The young peoples will have nothing to do but forced to go to college and declare their major at the first day when they don’t even really understand what is the real accounting major is about or what international business major will get them a job for sure.
      Get a degree doesn’t mean you will secure a job at adequate salary when you get out of the school. Getting a degree is just like improve a chance to get a job in future with many uncertainties. It exactly like you buying a lottery ticket and hope winning billions of dollars.

      People get so wrong when thinking about a degree will be equal a dream job. Well, the dream always is a dream when you build your life very indirectly.

    • Abdul,
      I found your commentary to be very insightful. I do believe those that thrive during changing times are those that are equipped with positivism and preparation. The best leaders are those that can adapt to changes quickly and continue to be successful. It seems that we’ve been living in tough economic times for a good while, but according to Leubsdorf (2017), growth in economic activity across the sprawling U.S. service sector was steady and solid in December, a sign of momentum for the broader economy headed into the new year. Good news, taken with cautious optimism, but good news nonetheless.

      Leubsdorf, B. (2017). U.S. Service-Sector Activity Expanded at Solid Pace in December, ISM Says. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved From:

    • You both made good points that I agree with. First, obtaining a graduate degree seems to have become the new norm in higher education (evidenced by our own pursuits of MBAs) and as such become standard requirements in the workplace. However, I disagree that the unemployment rate in the U.S. is high compared to previous years and that individuals are forced into making a decision about what their chosen educational field will be. I did not declare a formal major until after the first semester of my sophomore year much to the frustration of my parents I’m sure, I then entered the MBA program after working for 7 years. A quick look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor Force Statistics from Current Population Survey (2016) has unemployment at nearly a ten-year low of 4.7%, I will concede that there are people that are under-employed, especially in the energy business but again, the decision is forward is theirs.

      Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2016). Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey. Washington, DC. Retrieved from

  9. At the CROSSroad of time; the past and the future.

    By reading Dr. Green’s post I came up with two main vectors: factual statics and the future retrospective of ours well-being. They are interrelated between each other. The only issue is our ability to sort out facts from a bunch of mass-media “garbage” which was poured on us recently. The extent to which all possible ethical red lines were broken is tremendous in our times. If someone, including the old and new presidents was labeled by mass-media – then the majority of people believes to whatever has been shown on the TV. Washington Wire (2017) сited Trump today: “The press should be ashamed of themselves, and on behalf of the veterans, the press should be ashamed of themselves.” We should follow the chosen self-developing strategies in order to avoid the negative flow of false information. In addition Kotler teaches us how to “develop marketing strategies and plans” along with “understanding marketing management” (Kotler, 2012, p. 150-182), because there is not too much of difference in self-management and product management approaches. Methods could be different, but not approaches themselves.

    Stated concerns about our future well-being have turned me to The Holy Bible – Do we think too much about tomorrow? Did not we have enough worries for today, so that we are trying to look into the future? The simple answer was written in Ecclesiastes 2:12 (The New King James Version), which says that our wisdom and folly are meaningless – “Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom, and also madness and folly. What more can the King’s successor do than what has already been done?”


    1) The Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 2:12, The New King James Version.
    2) Washington Wire (2017, January 11). Main Takeaways From Donald Trump’s Press Conference. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from
    3) Kotler & Keller, P. K. (2012). Marketing Management (14 ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    • Hello Dmytro,

      Thanks for your profound understanding of our human dilemma with the future!
      You reached pretty deep to the wisest man ever: [The simple answer was written in Ecclesiastes 2:12 (The New King James Version), which says that our wisdom and folly are meaningless – “Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom, and also madness and folly. What more can the King’s successor do than what has already been done?”]

      So…we are discussing in 2017 a really history matter….the future.

      Professor Green

    • Dmytro,

      I agree with you that there is a close relationship between product management and self-management. The essence of product management is to sell an idea to the people and to brand the product so that the target audience can put a high value on the product. On the other hand, self-management can be a way to present the self to other people and improve personal brand image. The marketing principles for products could be applicable to individuals and to promote the self for better value in the market.

    • Hi Dmytro,
      It is a big disappointment when people trust the media and they take advantage of them. In my opinion any news channel or newspaper should not take sides. They can express their opinion, but they cannot ignore something that is happening they do not like. If any news channel or newspaper does not “develop marketing strategies plans” that means they do not know what they are doing. They are just working day by day without worrying about long term of the company or the company’s reputation.

      • Hi Abdul,

        Thank you for sharing your opinion with us.

        Yes, agree and I, personally, believe that any mass-media has to broadcast or reflect the factual news and events, but they should not twist the meaning of the events in the way they want.

  10. This is a timely word indeed. Surviving the slings and arrows of modern society requires a great level of mental, spiritual, and emotional resilience. I believe taking on any task without hope is essentially a frivolous pursuit. How we face 2017 in the beginning will set the tone for the rest of the year. I was amazed at just how many eyes were on the election of the President of The United States. It was a divisive and aggressive race between two impassioned candidates that did not seem to be motivated by a love for God or their country. In a time of global unrest and an atmosphere seemingly set against us, we need a message of hope and unity resonating in every home in this country. As Tyler Durden (2014) said, this is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time. The realization, not the revelation, is that systems fail, governments fail, and people fail. If our hope is predicated in any of those things, it too, is subject to fail.

    Durden, T. (2014). This Is How Empires Collapse. Zero Hedge. Retrieved From


    • Hello Daniel,

      Thanks so much for your contribution to the discussion at hand!
      Yes, it was very divisive, but this happens on other issues besides politics…like college football.

      Let’s go deeper.
      Professor Green

  11. 2017: The Year of the Squirrel

    From 2008 to 2015, I watched my career and finances go on a nearly disastrous roller coaster ride. Several major factors caused this volatility from the state of the global economy, to bad career decisions and even poorer personal choices.

    The effects of the recession launched me into becoming a miser. My habits with money paralleled the way my grandparents handled food rations in Europe in the 1940’s. I could no longer relax about income and expenses.

    Was I alone in my financial crisis and personal transformation? According to Deloitte (2011), the outlook held by my generation became largely pessimistic. Market research firm SIS (2015) indicates that “Most likely, Gen-Y will never enjoy the standard of living that their parents did and they will struggle to put money away and secure their future.”

    As the U.S. transitions into a new administration, be like a squirrel in 2017: work hard, save for later and enjoy the sun when you have it.


    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. (2011). Generation Y Changing with the Times. Dublin, Ireland. (2017, January 13).

    SIS International Research, Inc. (2015). Against All Odds – The Emergence Of Generation Y.
    (2017, January 13).


    • Hello Allison,
      What a moving post with your imagery and personal testimony! “The Year of the Squirrel” is such a powerful description.

      I look for more insight in the upcoming weeks.
      Dr. Green

    • Year of the squirrel; great analogy and advice! Unfortunately, I don’t foresee being able to increase my savings in 2017. In fact, my net income has decreased $176.00 a month this year due to an increase medical insurance premiums. I am not complaining; my employer’s cost is three times mine for carrying my family.
      I recall statistical information on each of the generations favored candidate and even which age bracket made up the greatest portion of registered voters, but I had not heard anything generationally categorized post-election. Naturally, I was curious about the consensus. A survey conducted after the election asked Americans to rate their financial security on a scale of 1-100 found Millennials (ages 18-34) 60.9. Gen-X (ages 35-49) 66.6, Boomers (ages 50-64) 69.2. Silent Generation (over 65) 71.2. The author justly notes the results could be skewed since the survey was conducted immediately following election and many Millennials voted for Clinton. (Durden) Which ties into another post touching on the use of swayed or unfounded facts reported to the people.

      Durden, T. (2017, Jan 6). “Depressed” Millennials Are Convinced The Trump Economy Is Going To Implode. Retrieved from:
      (WC 192)

    • “Most likely, Gen-Y will never enjoy the standard of living that their parents did and they will struggle to put money away and secure their future.” I totally agree with that. When people came to this life and cannot help their own expenses, it would be difficult for them to support their kids. That’s mean their kids would not have time to enjoy their lives, because they would start from the beginning.

  12. Please discuss how environmental drivers (like culture and economics) influence how individuals view the future.
    National culture can affect the way individuals view the future. Long-term orientation and uncertainty avoidance are some of the cultural dimensions identified by Hofstede in the national culture. Culture with long-term orientation tend to plan and look forward to a greater future. Uncertainty avoidance can also affect the way people tend to take risks or look forward to future returns. Worstall (2016) stated that an individual’s economic status could affect his or her plans for the future. For instance, wealthy individuals are likely to make retirement plans for the future than one would expect of middle or lower income earners. Culture and individual economic conditions affect the way he or she views the future.

    Geert Hofstede. (2017). Dimensions of national culture. Retrieved from
    Worstall, T. (2016, November 19). Effects of demonitzation on India’s GDP – difficult to calculate, we don’t even know the sign. Forbes. Retrieved from

  13. I quit making personal New Year resolutions some time ago, instead I have a mindset of goal setting. Not necessarily to be accomplished within a certain time frame, I am satisfied with myself if I continue progressively move forward. This helps me to maintain a positive mental state, especially when there are so many negative outside factors such as social and economic unrest. I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I am one of the 40% of eligible voters that did not participate in the 2016 election. (Levine) I found the coining ‘the lessor of the two evils’ to undeniably accurate and could not bring myself to support either candidate.
    Change is coming, welcomed or not. The House of Representatives voted 227-198 to instruct committees to draft legislation by a target date of Jan. 27 that would repeal the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. (Cowan and Cornell) This is the first act of business included in Trump’s campaign which has been brought to action. Trump reportedly boasted his achievement via Twitter stating “The ‘Unaffordable’ Care Act will soon be history!” (Cowan and Cornell) It is so very hard to be optimistic about the fate of our country as typing that last sentence.

    Levine, D. S. (2016, Nov 10). Over 90 Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.
    Cowan, R. and Cornwell, S. (2017 Jan 14). House votes to begin repealing Obamacare. Retrieved from
    (WC 244)

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