Job Strategies for Professionals


Are you fearful about your career future? Good people can’t find jobs. College graduates are losing Hope. Our world is filled with uncertainty. My co-author William Bailey and I wrote our latest book, Job Strategies for the 21st Century: How to Assist Today’s College Students during Economic Turbulence.  Through our research, we found that there is a huge disconnect between what organizations are looking for in potential employees, and what today’s job seeker are providing. I will share some of the key insights from our undertaking.

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Today’s business professionals need to possess mental toughness. Job hunting can be stressful and frightening. Mental toughness can be defined as the character attribute that allows an individual to stay in control while confronting adversity and navigating obstacles in life.  The following are 2016 job strategies:

  1. Build a mental toughness for the difficult employment picture ahead.
  2. Develop a personal brand with an online professionalism that includes, article publications, and critical online networks.
  3. Gain vital job experience by being willing to volunteer services or leverage other knowledge opportunities that will make you more valuable to a future employer
  4. Grow new skills and abilities through education and certifications that separate you from other job applicants.
  5. Practice positive self-affirmations about your skills and abilities.
  6. Build an incredible professional network for identifying job opportunities.
  7. Learn how to seek out critical advice and mentorship but develop the capacity to use it.
  8. Ask probing questions that lead to creative solutions.
  9. Surround yourself with a positive network of people who are highly successful.

Finding a job is hard work.  You need mental toughness to succeed. Renowned preacher Richard S. Brown, Jr. proclaims to his audience, “Everyone wants to be outstanding but no one wants to stand out.”  You need to stand out in 2016. You have some new job strategies to implement.

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2 thoughts on “Job Strategies for Professionals

  1. I think the last in this list is especially important. I have been blessed with many, many positive people in my life who have kept me going when I get discouraged. I’m grateful that I’m not alone as I hunt for a job, and I’m grateful that my network is working to help me find opportunities.

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