Dr. Green’s 2020-2021 Highlights of His School Year with Students


Being poised to increase greater student outcomes and offer marketing assistance to business owners around the globe, Dr. Green, OBU business professor, launched several new initiatives, along with his business students, that achieved positive results this past year.   These initiatives were successfully accomplished even while COVID-19 continued to wreak havoc on many businesses.

“Our marketing students have managed to take theories learned in the classroom to assist organizations with their marketing problems. Through our micro internships program, we have built strong alliances among students, industry, businesses and alumni.  Working together is the future for sustainable businesses.” said Dr. Green.

In closing, Dr. Green highlights the collaborative accomplishments this school year to share with students, faculty, staff, alumni, researchers, businesses and supporters.

See Dr. Green’s highlights from the past semester:


As part of the OBU Career Service Office series, Dr. Green co-presented with students Jamie Edwards, Deise Ferrara, and Hsi Chen on LinkedIn Basics.

Marketing students were transformed into business professionals through their mentorship with Dr. Green.

2021 BIKE SIMULATION WINNERS – In the 2021-Spring Semester in MKTG  3343 (Sales Management), the team of Hsi Chen, Kailee McCrary and Sayvon Milton was the winner of the Marketplace Live’s Advanced Simulation, a global competition.  This team achieved top results (97% percentile) against stiff competition in the business simulation.


Today’s small businesses and entrepreneurs must understand how to effectively tap into the Generation Z workforce. In the 2021-Spring Semester, Dr. Green’s marketing classs assisted 16 organizations from various industries and a wiude range of locales (e.g., Shawnee, Oklahoma City, Tecumseh, NC, South Africa). In the OBU marketing program, students gained a meaningful and more efficient work experience via a “micro internship experience” (MIE). In the MIE program, students complete short-term assignments with their assigned organizations.

Below are some past teams in the micro internship program:


The team of Emily Wilmoth and Yousseff Mikhail worked with ENVOY Magazine’s publisher Yvette Freeman to improve the company’s social media strategy. The ENVOY, based in North Carolina, is a magazine that highlights minority and women-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and artists.  Wilmoth explained that “working with the ENVOY has helped me to realize the importance of building a brand. We were able to use social media to gain publicity, something the magazine needed as a brand-new launch. It has been great watching the business grow, and I am excited to see it continue to take off.”  Mikhail added that “this micro-internship opportunity created by Dr. Green was very special. I found it very exciting to be able to apply what we learned in class to a real-world situation. Every week, I found myself becoming more confident in my abilities and in the work [that] we were doing to assist our client.”

Morgan Martin and Kailee McCrary assisted Chris Bannon with his emerging photography business.
Hsi Chen and Zach Frazier worked with Shawnee Water Sports.
The team of Sanaa Boykins, Jamie Edwards and Deise Ferrara assisted St. John Missionary Baptist Church (Oklahoma City) in creating an effective online presence to target new markets for its various outreach programs.

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