Thanksgiving Magic: Oklahoma Expert Launches Project to Feed South African Children

Business development consultant, Dr. Daryl D. Green, collaborates with South African ministry to feed the children of South Africa with a new photo book

Dr. Daryl D. Green, a renowned business development expert famous for providing strategic planning, marketing, and product development to emerging and existing businesses is teaming up with founders of nonprofits to feed South African children with the aid of a new book. During the Thanksgiving holidays, individuals in the United States celebrate and give thanks for all their blessings and Dr. Green is taking it a notch higher by reaching out to charities in South Africa.

You Feed Them is now available on! All proceeds support Revelation Ministry

A recent report revealed that over three million South African children experienced hunger in 2021, with more than 600,000 children experiencing hunger every day. The National Income Dynamics Study – Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey (NIDS-CRAM) in April/May 2021 showed that about six out of 10 South Africans (58%) say that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the income of their households. The pandemic and financial crises in South Africa has many more people on the streets without shelter or food, producing thousands of hungry children. However, Dr. Daryl D. Green seeks to alleviate the suffering of households, collaborating with well-meaning individuals like South African Pastor Ivan and Bronwynn Jones, who captured the needs of the South African children in a coffee table book, You Feed Me.

Pastor Ivan and Bronwynn Jones

Pastor Ivan and Bronwynn Jones are known for their generosity in the local community. Pastor Jones is the senior pastor at Revelation Ministry, based in the gang-infested and poverty-stricken neighborhood of Lavenderhill in the Western Cape in South African. Bronwyn is an ex-teacher while Pastor Jones has worked in the clothing industry for 16 years, as a manager/supervisor.  

“I always knew that God is calling us into full-time ministry….Our goal for the ministry is to equip men and women for service in the kingdom of God. I do have a strong character and strong belief that all things are possible with God,” said Pastor Jones. He and his wife, Bronwynn through their “Rise Up Children’s Project” have fed over 850 children daily at four feeding stations. Pastor Jones sees the publication of his book as an opportunity to get the story out about starving children and better help their communities. 

Dr. Daryl D. Green, a business professor in Oklahoma initiated the book project to stimulate more revenue for the couple’s ministry. In 2018, Dr. Green accompanied several students on a mission trip at his university, orchestrating a vacation bible school for Revelation Ministry. The encounter with Pastor Jones and his wife had a lasting impact on Dr. Green, inspiring him to do something for the ministry.


Pastor Ivan and Bronwyn were wonderful hosts to us in Cape Town. I was really touched by their ministry to the children. I just knew if my heart that they needed multiple levels of revenue to sustain their ministry. I believe in economic empowerment. Let’s teach people how to fish instead of giving them a fish,” said Dr. Green.

Children get fed regardless of the status of their families.

Dr. Green proposed a coffee table book to showcase the work of the South African couple visually, leveraging his connection and experience providing consulting, guidance, and management training for small businesses and new project start-ups. Over the years, he has evaluated over 100 organizations including Westinghouse, and Lockheed Martin.

The business development expert launched the book project for the couple with the help of his brand development manager, Antoinette Kelley.  “Kelley was the linchpin with her experience of publishing.  I knew that we could be successful.  The next phase is promoting the great work of Pastor Ivan and his wife to the world.

You Feed Them is currently available on for persons who want to learn about the plight of starving children in South Africa while supporting the cause championed by the ministry.

To learn more about this fundraising initiative for South African children, please contact Dr. Green at

About Dr. Daryl D. Green

Dr. Daryl D. Green is the Vice President of Marketing at AGSM Consulting LLC where he provides strategic planning, marketing, and product development to emerging and existing businesses. In 2016, Dr. Green retired from the Department of Energy, where he worked in the Environmental Management Program for over 27 years. The speaker and award-winning writer with several textbooks and reference books, including Job Strategies for the 21st Century has a national digital marketing certification and is also a respected researcher in his field of study focusing on culture, decision-making, leadership, management, and marketing.

Dr. Green received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Southern University, an MA in Organizational Management from Tusculum College, and a doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership from Regent University and is a respected university professor in Oklahoma, noted and quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and the Associated Press.


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