OBU Research Stretches to Hip Hop Culture: An Analysis of Beats By Dr. Dre

Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) sheds light on the influences of Hip Hop icon like Dr. Dre’s BEATS on entrepreneurship in the United States. 

SHAWNEEE, OK, May 15, 2020– Oklahoma Baptist University Dickinson College of Business has recently released new research titled, ‘The Intersection of an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Hip Hop: A Case Study on BEATS by Dre’ under the guidance of Dr. Daryl D. Green and collaborators, Dr. Jack McCann, Arsid Panxhi, and Carly Miller. The study is a relevant examination of one of the most successful popular culture gadget line, BEATS by Dre in the backdrop of marketing and entrepreneurship pursuits.

Caryl Miller and Arsid Panxhi turned a research project in class to published research in academia.

The research article adopts case study analysis on the iconic brand of BEATS by Dre. Beats Electronics has established its legacy as one of the top premium sound equipment lines. With hip-hop as the foundational membrane of the entire marketing line of BEATS by Dre, the study infiltrates its gauge of business-oriented strategy by hitting pop cultural influences at the right spots of audience acceptability in paving the way for an empire of entrepreneurship goals. The case study not only examines the various factors that led to this historic feat but also provides upcoming entrepreneurs from underserved communities with an example of successful business stories.

This collaborative research started in an undergraduate classroom.  Students Carly Miller and Arsid Panxhi initiated this research as a class project at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). Currently, Carly Miller is a senior studying Communications with a minor in Business Administration while Arsid Panxhi, an OBU graduate, is an Account Manager at Cuadrant LLC.  Dr. Green and Dr. McCann are seasoned researcher. Dr. Green is an Associate professor in the College of Business at OBU while Dr. McCann currently serves an appointment at Union College in Barbourville, KY, as Associate Professor in Marketing and Business. 

Dr. Jack McCann and Dr. Daryl D. Green have collaborated on research projects to improve society

The study raises three integral questions about the various marketing strategies implemented by Beats Electronics in its story of market success, a strategic correlation in the establishment of another business venture, and the business’ investment breakup. The pattern of audience engagement with a headphone line where consumers live under the maximum influence of pop culture is furthered broadened into perspective and analytical detailing in the study. The findings of the study confluences at maintaining the ‘cool’ stature of the product among consumers. BEATS product insinuates contemporary trends and fashion of the extant market and constantly follows through to modify its designs to keep up the brand legacy. However, the study also points at the potential fall of a company if it fails to improve its product with time and socio-cultural changes. Apart from the visual competency, the study concludes with the importance of maintaining a good and affordable streaming service that would enable BEATS by Dre to continue to expand its brand and customer base.

The results of this research will assist today’s universities in infusing the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation of business professionals.

For more information about the research, visit:  http://www.scholink.org/ojs/index.php/jbtp/article/view/2784

If you want more information about this research or want assistance with your organization, please contact Dr. Daryl Green at 405-585-4414 (daryl.green@okbu.edu).

About Paul Dickinson College of Business

The Paul Dickinson College of Business is part of Oklahoma Baptist University. This qualified and Christian-based education is addressed to those who want to pursue a bachelor degree in business. The university provides the skills needed by the business graduates in contemporary professional careers as a leader. The business degree programs of the Oklahoma Baptist University are accredited and acknowledged by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

For more information on the Paul Dickinson College of Business at OBU, visits www.okbu.edu/business.


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