Oklahoma Baptist University’s Researchers Reveal Vitalness of Instagram to Both Businesses and Consumers

Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU)  researchers in the Paul Dickinson College of Business ) reveals the importance of social media platforms, mainly Instagram for business growth and consumers.

Oklahoma Baptist University’s Paul Dickinson College of Business recently released research related to social media. This research evaluated the importance of social media platforms such as Instagram in the growth of business and consumers. There are several noted experts in the business college including Dr. Daryl D. Green and Professor Richard Martinez; both professors are established scholars. Dr. Green is an assistant professor while Dr. Martinez serves as the director of the OBU MBA program. The other authors who contributed in the research are Stephanie Dirlbeck, Lauran Evenson, Amalan Khadja, and Lisa MacManus;These individuals are current MBA students at the Oklahoma Baptist University.

In the research on Instagram conducted, the authors show how  to improve the survival rate of new social media platforms like Instagram. Additionally, the study also reveals the effectiveness of social media platforms as a powerful tool for business practitioners. With more than 400 million users on Instagram sharing 80 million posts on average per day, Instagram is here to stay. This research supported the staying power of social media. Given this perspective, social media platforms like Instagram are transforming how today’s professionals will conduct future business. Today’s academic institutions need to better prepare students for this new world.

Dr. Martinez concurs on the need to prepare today’s college students: “We are engaged in research projects that add value in at least two different ways. First, we want to better understand the emerging forces at work in the marketplace – forces that can’t be understood solely through the study of static textbooks. Second, we want our MBA students to understand the role – and value – of research and constant learning in creating opportunities in the midst of dynamic market forces. This project accomplishes both of those goals.,”

Dr. Green, who coordinated this study, argues for more relevant assignments for graduate students as well as undergraduates: “Our graduate students are taught about how to navigate change.  Understanding the digital economy is essential. Social media platforms like Instagram are leaving their marks on society. We want our students meeting the challenges of the future.”  OBU hopes to see more collaborating between faculty and students on critical topics in business.  Most faculty would see the benefit of teaming together with their students.

Stephanie Dirlbeck, OBU graduate students who led her group to complete this article, adds, “What I learned from completing this article is a number thing. The most important thing I learned and I’m sure my group members will agree, is time management. It took a great amount of research to write this article and I’m glad that we all made it a priority to conduct the research needed.  Along with time management, we discovered that social media is a huge outlet for companies to implement their marketing strategies. Marketing is evolving, and it was very interesting to learn about the social platforms we were studying: Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest. The most difficult of conducting a case study is trying to make it sound like the voice of the article is one. Making the paper flow was a big challenge. Each member of this group had completely different writing styles. Dr. Green and Dr. Martinez did a really great job in guiding me throughout this entire process. As an MBA student, conducting research is still rather difficult but it made a difference to have Dr. Green guide us along the way.”


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About Paul Dickinson College of Business

The Paul Dickinson College of Business is part of Oklahoma Baptist University. This qualified and Christian-based education is addressed for those who want to pursue a bachelor degree in business. The university provides the skills needed by the business graduates in contemporary professional careers as a leader. The business degree programs of the Oklahoma Baptist University are accredited and acknowledged by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

For more information on the Paul Dickinson College of Business at OBU, visit www.okbu.edu/business.

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