Uncertain World Needs Good Leadership

Welcome to the Nu Leadership Revolution! This blog explores the changing workforce and social environment as it relates to emerging leaders.  The status quo will not do! “Nu” represents a change from the old ways of doing things at least for emerging leaders.   

Our lives continue to unravel as things we believe in disintegrate before our eyes.  Institutions are failing. Personal conduct is at an all time low. Wall Street continues to prosper as Main Street bears the financial hardship for our country.  

Everyone is impacted–from the executive to the factory worker.  According to the Conference Board research group, only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their work.  This was the lowest level ever recorded by this group over 22 years of researching this area. One major reason cited was that workers do not find their jobs interesting.  In order to be more competitive, organizations need to retool and inspire workers to new levels of performance. Clearly, organizations need good leadership.

What is needed, however, is a different kind of leader during these times of uncertainty. How can you become a stronger, more effective leader? I feel this revolution will start with a fresh, positive outlook from a new kind of engaging leader. Kevin Kelly, who helped launched Wired Magazine, noted,

“Wealth in the new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization; that is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.”

For over 20 years, I have tried to guide and inspire thousands through my lectures, seminars, and columns. As I speak to the issues facing organizations and emerging leaders, I solicit your input and insight.  Therefore, I ask that you join me on a journey towards improved leadership and personal empowerment.

 © 2010 by Daryl D. Green

4 thoughts on “Uncertain World Needs Good Leadership

  1. I believe you are on point with the statement “a different kind of leader is needed in these times of uncertainty” I have worked for a number of people with different management styles from a hands off approach to an obsessed incompetent micro-managing individual who would hardly let you complete your daily activities. Hence the reason I am back in school pursuing my MBA; I believe today business environment changes so quickly a truly organic environment is need to, as Kevin Kelly stated “imperfectly seize the unknown.” I believe a manager should be a talent scout, surround yourself with individuals with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes to help meet Organizational goals. Once the talent is present one should provide all tolls and support for them to accomplish objectives.

  2. Without a doubt there is a growing cynicism in the workplace. Americans are no longer relegated to the factory floor oblivious to impropriety or questionable actions by management and administrative personnel. Today’s workplace is an intimate environment where line personnel have a unique insight and access to upper management. Modern employees are more educated and electronically connected, making all company information readily available and free-flowing. No longer can leaders hide their character flaws or those of their inner circle. The protection of the proverbial palace walls have been compromised by media(new and traditional) and laws passed to protect “whistle blowers.”
    The lack of character based leadership is further exacerbated by changing generational expectations. Author Ruth Haag explained it best to Deborah Rothberg on http://www.eweek.com when she said that those of Generation Y are “… pretty opinionated about the jobs they want and the money they intend to make, and many have missed that step where they understood they needed to work their way up from the bottom.”
    Clearly, those of Generation Y and even X are going to be hypersensitive to lapses in character by a leadership that is unable to satisfy their expectations. this new workforce feels undervalued by a leadership that exhibits low moral character, disillusionment starts eroding job satisfaction.
    “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.”
    — Stephen Covey
    Rothberg, Deborah(2009) “Generation Y For Dummies”

  3. I agree that today’s leaders have to utilize the various technologies and help develop new ways of doing things. Doing things just to get them done will no longer do in todays market. Eerything is happening fast and needs bright minds to help develop technologies and better ways of doing things in order to keep up. If we do not have innovators we fall behind.

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