Working Professionals Need Goalsetting for Their Families Too


In these difficult economic times, more and more working professionals are forced to spend time away from their families. Other professionals are advancing their personal agendas in hopes of getting to the top of their profession. This blog discussion examines how working professionals can implement goal setting for their own families despite their hectic schedules.

Like many professionals caught up in my work life and work family, individuals often do not take the time to use these proven principles in their own homes. Many couples are more selfish than their children are and don’t provide a healthy, nurturing environment for them.  This reality speaks to the personal ambition and priorities of the individual within a family structure.  Writer J.A. Littler speaks to the material motives and priorities of our society: “Everyone worships something.

While there may be no official religions or cults devoted to cars, money, fashion, or music, these pleasures of life and facets of society are all too often the overwhelming focus of people’s time, energy, and emotions.”  Our society tells them they can have it all—money, power, and fame without any sacrifices.

Sadly, many working professionals provide their children a great standard of life; however, these parents are often setting their children up for failure.  Many times the results of their labor are children who feel entitled and materialistic. The truth is something is being sacrificed in lieu of a successful career…your family. The following strategy is provided:

  1. Evaluate your family situation based on how family members’ priorities are spending most of their current time (i.e. work, community activities).
  2. Establish the desired vision for your family (the ideal family model).
  3. Develop priorities for the family in which all family members will comply.
  4. Create a family mission statement.
  5. Develop family goals each year from a holistic viewpoint (family, career, spiritual life, finances, etc.).
  6. Monitor results based on the desired family vision.

Families are the foundation for thriving civilizations, and strong communities are built by strong marriages. Consequently, working professionals need to challenge themselves to provide a more holistic approach for their lives. In this discussion, we evaluated how working professionals can implement goal setting for their own families.

Often, this reality is about balancing competing priorities. Les Brown, author of How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be-No Matter What the Obstacle, notes, “Your values are not set by government or church leaders. Your values give you consistency in the way you approach life…By holding to your beliefs, you can always stay on track toward your dreams.”  Hopefully, working professionals can make these life changes for their families before it is too late.

Please feel free to share your insight on this subject.

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Writing for Greater Employability

Sadly, I see too many people who feel that are helpless in life.  It is easy to see how some folks could be discouraged due to the current economic crisis.  There are more than 15 million individuals unemployed.  Good jobs are going abroad. 

Today’s companies view outsourcing as part of their daily operations.  Consequently, many working professionals are concerned about keeping their jobs.  Being viewed as a valuable asset to an organization is critical for sustainable employment. 

Gaining more influence can help working professionals with more job opportunities, increase their wealth power, and give them the confidence they need to be successful. In my new book, “Writing for Professionals”, I share advice with professionals looking for a tool to improve their employment prospects.  

In fact, people who are become recognized writers bring added value to their organizations, often measured in notoriety. There is nothing more powerful as being an industry expert. Prolific writers are often perceived as authority figures.

Therefore, professionals across the country can use the power of the written word to build their careers. In my new book, I provide a step-by-step guide needed to write for the recognition that results in better employment opportunities. 


We live in a media crazed world where communicators are highly valued and often the first to be hired. For many working professionals, the path to a better job, more authority, and greater peer respect is being published. Professionals across the country are discovering the power of writing for more influence. Therefore, it’s never too late for individuals to benefit from their insight and experience by putting their views on paper.  

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