Mystic Monk Coffee – Group A

During this week, Lincoln Memorial University’s MBA students in MBA 595 will analyze top corporate organizations.

In this blog topic, Group A consisting of Michael Berger, Chris Campbell, Zach Corder, and Paul Mundy will evaluate ‘Mystic Monk Coffee.’

 Executive Summary

Mystic Monk Coffee is an organization that is owned and operated by Carmelite monks in Clark, Wyoming. It is the vision of Father Prior Daniel Mary to use Mystic Monk Coffee to one day be able to purchase a 500 acre monastery that could accommodate 30 monks, a church, convent for nuns, and a retreat center for visitors. 20112nd newsletter has managed to find a ranch that is listed for $8.9 million, and he hopes this will be the place that the Carmelites can call the new Mount Carmel, which is where the Carmelites first hermitage was established.

The thirteen monks that currently reside in Wyoming each have a particular job, and they are restrained in the time that they can devote to that job, because they lead a life devoted to prayer.

The roaster that they currently have limits roasting coffee beans to about 540 pounds a day, but demand hasn’t exceeded that limit. They currently plan to purchase a new roaster that roast 130-pounds per hour and cost $35,000. The land that they found available to purchase is found on Lake Irma Ranch and has everything that Father Mary has envisioned for the future of the Carmelites.

They are continually working on raising the money they need for the purchase and are asking for donations from those belonging to the Catholic Church. With a little time and some generous donations they may be able to realize their dream in the future.



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