Netflix – Group C

During this week, Lincoln Memorial University’s MBA students in MBA 595 will analyze top corporate organizations.

In this blog topic, Group C consisting of Willian Moura, Heidi O’Donnell, Nathan Mize, and Miguel Montoya will evaluate ‘Netflix.’

 Group Members: Executive Summary

 There certainly has been competition in the movie industry since the year 2000.  As a matter of fact, it is what the business world would call high stakes drama. 

As technology advanced and electronic devices were produced more economically and efficiently, they became available to mass consumers at a cost that most people could afford.  Families across the globe fully indulged in the pleasurable pastime of move watching. 

 Through the years, as technology advanced, newer, bigger, better, products hit the market.  No sooner would one company bring a product to the shelves then another new product would come out, TV screens were made bigger, Blue Ray and HDTV technologies came out, and people the world over were building video libraries. 

Barriers to entry were low so new products and new companies were formed overnight, it seemed.  As we will see, not everyone would survive in this competitive arena except those few that had a long-range vision and solid strategy.


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